Commercial Cleaning Franchises

The commercial sector has been on an exponential rise for many years, and is continuing to rise at an astounding rate. In the year 2003, there were an estimated 4.9 million commercial buildings in the United States. Office buildings made up the major part of that figure. This compared to 4.7 million commercial buildings in the year 1999, clearly shows that the number of commercial buildings, as well as, the commercial area of cleaning services is increasing at an astounding rate every year.

Businesses are spending more money to make their offices look more appealing to their clients. Retailers realize the advantage to a clean and orderly kept business. Anyone looking at a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity, as a new business option should do extensive research on the possibilities of franchising. Franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century.

Commercial cleaning franchises are a great choice for investors looking to start a small business. The initial investment required to start the business is very low compared to other businesses. If you are taking up the franchise of a commercial cleaning brand, the initial investment is normally around $10,000-$20,000 dollars. If you are thinking of starting your own commercial cleaning business, without franchising, the initial investment required will be much higher, around $65,000 startup.

However, starting a commercial cleaning business of your own is a risky task, since most commercial businesses want their buildings cleaned by professionals, and go straight for brand name service, which have proven their worth in the field. This is why opting for a commercial cleaning franchise of a well-known brand is sure to bring to you a quicker list of clients, and consequentially, a lot more work at startup.

The running costs for your commercial cleaning franchise is lower, that almost all of your revenue constitutes as profit. Both cleaning labor and cleaning equipment and supplies are very cheap, compared to other businesses. It is good to have warehouse of your own but if you do not want to buy or rent a warehouse, you can set up a room in your own home to work from. Erhvervsreng√łring¬†

Commercial cleaning can get you anywhere from $150 to $350 an hour depending on the size of the job. You can expand your franchise to include various services, such as commercial window cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, document disposal, to name a few.

If you are thinking of starting a commercial cleaning business, think franchise opportunities, and do your homework. Hit the internet to find out the biggest names in the commercial cleaning sector in your area. Check the incentives they are offering to franchise holders, the initial investment they require from you, and the benefits, such as training and if a client database is offered. Once you know the most profitable commercial cleaning franchise option for your area, you can be sure to start your business in less time and to start earning profits sooner.



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